Welcome to the Dazzle Glitter Tattoos Store

Glitter Tattoos are the hottest body art form in the world today.  It is a fun way to entertain guests in parties and events.  Even celebrities are loving the sparkle on the red carpet! Our glitter tattoos are waterproof, dermatologist tested products and last up to 7 days. They are well loved by the young and young at heart. 

Dazzle Glitter Tattoos Limited is the company that brings the sparkle to the world.  It is at the forefront of the body art trend and is responsible for bringing professional grade glitter tattoo products and supplies worldwide.  Dazzle Glitter Tattoos Limited's glitter tattoo products are being used by all the Major Amusement parks, Family Entertainment centers, resorts and top entertainers artists.  Dazzle Glitter Tattoos is trusted for bringing out safe and superior quality products.

Shop in our glitter tattoo store and see our collection of glitter tattoos supplies, including our world famous stencils, glitter, brushes and pre-packaged kits.  Whether you are an artist booked solid for weeks or a Family entertainment center wanting to have a new fun activity in your location, we make it simple for anyone to invest in a kit and learn the techniques of a glitter tattoo artist.

Our Party in a Box makes great gifts while the Business and Pro Kits increase the opportunities to earn from the glitter tattoos. We would gladly assist you in creating the perfect glitter business solution that fits your needs. Dazzle Glitters Tattoos is now synonymous to, providing glitter tattoo products, supplies & services worldwide.  Dazzle Glitter Tattoos Temporary Glitter Tattoos never fails to add fun and sparkle to any type of parties & events.  Our endless variety of sparkling tattoo designs appeal to a wide range of celebrations from birthday parties & corporate events.

Imagine your product brand or company logo on your target market's skin. Glitter Tattoos are great conversation starters. They also last up to a week. People will be talking and walking with your product days after your event!

Make wonderful Glitter Tattoos with quality supplies from Dazzle Glitter Tattoos Limited.  Check out our wide range of stencil designs, skin tested body glue, sparkling polyester glitters and kits designed for hobbists & professionals. Visit the online store  of our and be part of the fastest growing body art form in the world.